Mini site Funnel

when you Advertise your Mini Site  in safe lists and Traffic exchanges you will be Building your list or making $6 sales. 

Example Mini Site Notice the form at the bottom of the page you will be offering a unadvertised bonus a

Free Report How To get an exact copy
of the fully-Automated $7 Mini Site
described above… for FREE

when someone fills in the form to get your free report you are building your list
and if someone buys the mini site you are making $7 sales,  

Your mini has 8 parts that make up your mini site funnel

  1. Mini Site
  2. shopping cart
  3. product page
  4. check out page
  5. Auto-responder
  6. Confirmation Required 
  7. Confirmation Complete 
  8. Purchase thank you page

Getting Started

To set up your Mini Site click here to download your mini site package


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